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Touch ups and Refinishing in Jacksonville
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Jacksonville Painters can take care of your needed touch-ups and refinishing. There are standards that all painting contractors must meet under the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America industry-wide standards. These essential standards can define when a surface is correctly painted and sets out the surface preparation levels that must be completed before painting is attempted. A protocol must be followed for spot repairing existing finishes to ensure that they look good upon completion.


Why are There Standards for Touch Up Painting?


There are certain procedures for the inspection and acceptance of spot repairs when made to existing finishes. A surface that is already finished is going to age differently than a finish that has just been applied. The areas that are touched up can look different as they change as time passes. This standard can be used to describe the wide range of options that are available when finishes are spot repaired. Knowing more about the correct standards will help you understand what results to expect from touch-up work. You will know right away when you see the result of our work how that we follow the PDCA standards.

At Jacksonville Painting, we follow the guidelines set out by the PDCA. These include:

  • Providing a good match of the touch-up gloss to the existing gloss of the surface right next to it because if gloss is increased in a spot repair, it will draw attention to the area that has been repaired.
  • Ensuring that the color of the sport repair is carefully matched to the existing surface;
  • Keeping the spot to be touched-up as small as possible so that the repair area is not too prominent;
  • Completing minor spot touch-ups on sites with no natural breakpoints;
  • Determining the acceptability of the finished touch-up area by viewing it without magnification at least 39 inches away from the room while it is illuminated;
  • Providing a reasonable match of the texture of the area with the spot repair so that it matches the surrounding surface;
  • When the surface is viewed at an angle, the surface should not show any visible breakpoints.

We know that if we are completing a spot finish on a surface with no natural breakpoints, we must be careful how we complete the work. 

The material color used for the touch-up should reasonably match the color of the surface in the rest of the room. If the surface is glossy, the touch-up area should match the existing glass surface. The texture must also be reasonably fit with the texture of a similar surface in the room’s balance. Even when colors, glosses, and textures are carefully matched, there will still be some visible differences between the touch-up areas and the rest of the surfaces.

At Jacksonville Painters, we have a great deal of experience with touch-ups and refinishing. We can let you know when the touch-ups are too voluminous, and it would be a better choice for you to refinish the entire room. If colors are older and out of date, a completely new coat of paint can bring your room up to modern standards and refresh your home.

We want you to get the best value for your money. We can come to your home or business and take a look at the areas that need to be touched up or refinished. 

Once we have a better idea of what is required, we can make suggestions on how we can complete the job. We may need to take a small sample of your paint color to match it accurately. If a color is just slightly off, it can be pretty obvious and stand out more than you would like.

Jacksonville Painters understand the need for accuracy and care in completing your touch-ups and refinishing. That is why our experienced crew will complete the work in a timely way without disrupting your daily life or business. We know that you want the job to be completed to look professional, and we will take care of that for you. Call us today if you would like a free estimate of the work to be done.