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Jacksonville Painters can handle your commercial painting job with our experienced professional painters. We complete a wide range of jobs, including office buildings, restaurants, churches, retail stores, apartment buildings, and condominiums. If you want to improve your business’s interior or the exterior by sprucing it up with fresh paint, we can take care of that for you. A fresh coat of paint will update the space, and our commercial painting crew is reliable and professional.


What is Involved in a Commercial Painting Job?


When it comes to commercial jobs, our painters are highly experienced and skilled and have the knowledge to update both the exterior and the interior of your business. We have worked with general contractors as well as business owners. We can offer you an accurate quote by looking at your blueprints before you even build a new structure. We can provide your company with many different services that are required to keep your business looking great.

Jacksonville Painters know that it is essential to be efficient when we work on commercial painting jobs. We are fully insured and licensed commercial painting contractors. We will apply our painting skills to your project without causing any disruption to your daily business routine. We use low odor, environmentally safe paints from the top paint manufacturers in the industry. We offer commercial painting services for business spaces and take care of many areas, including stairs, ceilings, walls, hallways, conference rooms, reception areas, and concrete or brick walls.

We take on a wide range of commercial painting jobs, including office painting, high-rise and low-rise buildings, and parking garages. We can take care of the exterior and interior painting for any commercial property. We can work with your Homeowner Association to get work done and offer a realistic and fair quote for that work. We have worked on hotel remodeling jobs, applied specialized roof coatings, and prepared the walls to complete the paintwork so that the paint will last longer.

We will pressure wash the surface, if necessary, scrape loose paint, prepare new drywall and prepare any other surfaces so that they are ready to be painted. If you belong to a condo association, have a multi-unit apartment building, or need simple repairs to walls and exterior surfaces, we can take care of those tasks.

Residential and commercial painters offer similar services, but the size of the project you are working on needs to be considered before moving forward with your project. If you are responsible for completing a commercial painting project and have a specific budget, we can let you know a reasonable estimate that fits in with your budget. We understand that you need to hire a professional painting company to complete the work. Our experienced commercial team is ready to provide you with the results you are expecting.

Jacksonville Painters will transform your commercial business with their expert techniques. The result will be colorful, stylish, unique, and renewed. We offer a free consultation so that you can decide if you wish to proceed. We will properly prepare the surface to be painted, apply the paint in the color you choose, and then fully clean up the site after completing the job. We finish up by inspecting the finished work to ensure that we have not missed anything and fully completed the work.

We take care of all kinds of commercial painting projects to suit the budget and schedule of every client. We protect your property from accidents such as paint spills and drips. If you need an entire commercial job or some repainting or touch-ups, we can take care of the work. We are happy to work with every customer to ensure that they are satisfied with the completed project.

Get in touch with us today to request a free quote for your commercial project. We have a professional crew that is thoroughly trained in all types of commercial painting jobs. We can complete your work in a specific time frame and will never inconvenience you while we work. Call Jacksonville Painters today to find out more about our commercial painting services. We are local, reliable and available to help you with your commercial painting job.