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If you are looking for a local painting company that deals with your area, we work in Jacksonville and service all the surrounding areas. We do a variety of painting jobs, including commercial, residential, refinishing, and touch-ups. We will paint any home or commercial property and take the time to deliver top-quality work each time. Our work is never sloppy or of low quality. We will provide you with a custom paint job that you can be proud of.

There is no job that is too small or too large; we work with them all. Whether you need some touch-up or you would like to have a room repainted, we have an experienced team of professionals who are experienced and use the best tools to provide you with superior results.


Residential Interior Painting 


If you decide that you want to update a room in your home, the best way to do that is paint it. Not everyone is good at painting, and that is where we come in. Call us to take care of residential painting, walls, moldings, touch-ups, and trim. We know that the preparation part of the painting is very time-consuming, with the taping, cutting, and careful painting that only get great results if you are experienced with the process.

We are a team of painting professionals that will handle the dirty work and the heavy lifting. We will cover every wall carefully and entirely so you do not need to worry about what the finished product will look like.


Residential Exterior Painting 


The exterior of your home is an entirely different experience when it comes to getting paint onto it. There will be very high spots that require ladders to be able to reach them. You may be concerned about what type of paint you need and how well it will cover. Darker colors require more coats of paint, but you may not know that if you are not a painting professional.

Moving up and down a ladder with painting supplies can be tedious. You will also have to deal with heights, debris, gutters, and the weather. You will need to reach over to angles that you may not feel comfortable with. We can help with our experts who are ready to deal with every situation. We have the supplies needed to get to those high spots safely. We will ensure that your home looks incredible when we apply the coatings that you choose. We also ensure that we use long-lasting products so that the result will look great and last into the future.


Commercial Painting


Our professional team has experience with many different types of jobs. We work on commercial properties, including office buildings, facilities, and rental units. We know that it is vital to get the work done when you are in a time crunch, particularly when you are trying to prepare units for new tenants. Our experienced professionals will work to complete the job on time with attention to detail to be happy with the unit they will move into. Our work is guaranteed, and we always stand behind every job that we complete. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today to request an estimate.


Touch Ups and Refinishing 


We take care of touch-up paint jobs of many different surfaces and refinishing surfaces that have been painted. We can revitalize old kitchen cabinets by sanding off the dingy paint and livening them up with fresh paint. If your outdoor furniture needs to be renewed, we can touch it up and make it look as good as new.

Removing old paint can be very tedious and time-consuming, and most people do not want to deal with it on their own. We have the right products to strip away the old paint from various surfaces to give them a newer look. Our team is ready to renew many items around your home with a fresh coat of paint; we have the skills and the talent to get the work done.


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Colby Jacksonville Painting Services is proud to provide residents of Jacksonville with a wide range of painting services. If you have a project that you want to be completed and it involves paint, whether it is one room or your whole house, a condo unit, or the entire building, we have professionals who can get the job done for you. We take care of a wide range of paint jobs so you can relax and enjoy the result. Contact us to get a free estimate on your paint job. We are local and take pride in the work that we do, and we are ready to work with you.